Get Clear Sessions for $25


Get Clear Sessions is about grounding into the energies at work in our lives, harnessing collective wisdom available to us through the cards and drawing on our intuitive capacities to help us see ourselves and our situations with more clarity.

Practically speaking, here is what I help you do:

  • hold space for your questions (so you can)
  • make that shift back into your center (so you can)
  • reconnect with your intuition and inner wisdom (so you can)
  • stand in your capacity to heal your life (so you can)
  • move forward towards the vision you have for yourself and your life.


Product Description

Once payment is received, I’ll email the address linked to your payment account within 24 hours (or leave a note with your purchase if you want me to use a different emails address). I will confirm your payment and ask you to  share some details of your situation, if you so desire. I sit with your questions and tune into your situation energetically, as I ask the cards for guidance. You’ll then receive your reading via email within 3-5 days.

Included in your email are the following:

  •  a write-up of your reading
  • recommendation, affirmations & practices to consider on how to move forward.
  • Follow-up email a week after I send your reading.

There is an option for me to craft you a customized prayer bracelet or necklace as a way to help support you in embodying your new truth. Just mention it in your purchase if you want this option and we can work out the pricing based on the stones we choose.


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